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Insulators Resin Components

Amran offers various insulators / bus bar supports, resin cast components, resin cast terminal connectors (with 2 pins/4 pins) bushings etc. for electrical industry. They are typically used in switchgears, metering and protection panels, power and distribution transformer assemblies etc equipment. Many of our Instrument Transformer customers have routine requirements on these components and since Amran has many years of experience and expertise for resin molding processes, it offers these products to round-up customer lines.

Insulators  Resin Components

Insulators are manufactured with epoxy or polyurethane resin cast constructions. They are for indoor use. Most popular models are 11kV, 22kV and 33kV. These voltage levels can be adjusted for ANSI voltage classes as well. Many insulator models are produced on fully automatic vacuum pressure gelation machines. Insulators are built with rugged construction to withstand high cantilever, compression and tensile forces. Excellent electrical and mechanical properties are ensured during manufacturing and at the final inspection level.

Similarly, Amran can develop custom resin cast components to suite customer application. Suitable cast iron housing, Aluminum and other sub-assemblies can be supplied with these components. High grade of brass inserts and terminals are used for these products to ensure proper mounting. These products are tested 100% for all routine test as per relevant test standards or as per customer requirement.