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Low Voltage Current Transformers

Amran offers many different kinds of low voltage current transformers with different size/shape of windows, construction options, secondary termination options depending on applications and end use of the product. Whether your application requires highly accurate CT with excellent linearity or simple current monitoring or on-off conditions, Amran will have a CT for you. Following are the usual options Amran offers for Low Voltage CTs.

Low Voltage Current Transformers

General Purpose CTs

These are commercial grade low cost current transformers with center window type (donut style) constructions. They are typically used with ammeters, on panel boards, relay/control panels, engine generators etc. CTs are available in many different sizes, without and without mounting feet. Secondary can be leads or terminals or as per customer requirement.

IEEE C57.13 and IEC 60044 Class CTs

This range of current transformers are designed to meet the requirement of ANSI IEEE C57.13 standard or IEC 60044 standard. CTs are typically used for metering and relaying applications such as switchgear, MCCs, switchboards, etc. Single ratio or multi ratio models are available with various secondary termination options (leads, terminals etc.). These CTs come with wide primary current range. Usually secondary current is 5 Amp or 1 Amp.

Three Phase CTs

Three phase current transformer is made with three single phase current transformers packaged together as one unit. There are usually encased in plastic or resin housing. They are typically used in motor control applications with three phase metering and overload protection application. These CTs are compact and easier to install compared to three single phase CTs.

Rectangle CTs

Amran has an extensive range of rectangle current transformers which are typically used for metering and relaying applications. Rectangle window of the CTs can fit around primary bus bar or cables in applications where physical size and placement are very important. Secondary can be lead wires or terminals.

Split Core CTs

Amran’s range of split core CTs provide easy installation on primary conductor where circuits to be monitored need not be interrupted. Many energy management applications have long primary cables where it is difficult to slip over window style solid core CTs. Split core CTs can be taken apart, installed on the primary cable and put back together. Many different models are available with various current range.

Switchgear Style CTs

Amran offers a wide range of current transformers designed for specific mounting applications on circuit breakers used in medium voltage switchgears. These CTs can be slipped over primary bushings in MV switchgears, and can be bolted using corner mounting holes. They are available in ANSI or IEC accuracy classes for relaying and metering applications.

Auxiliary / Summation / Ground Fault CTs

Amran offers range of Auxiliary and Summation CTs, which are designed for connection in the secondary of a main current transformer. These CTs are used to change the effective ratio on meters and relays. Amran also offers various ground fault sensors. These are typically used to sense the zero sequence ground fault currents. Various small and large window sizes can be provided to accommodate different primary conductor sizes.

Bushing CTs

Amran offers a range of bushing current transformers for dry or oil-immersed applications. They are manufactured for many different applications – for motor controls, for circuit breakers, for mega-VA power transformers etc. These are typically manufactured with tape wound constructions and with leads. Various outer encapsulation methods are used depending on application – paper (crepe paper, craft paper) insulation, varnished or un-varnished cotton tape insulation etc. Polyester taped construction is also used for some applications. CTs can be manufactured to meet high relaying and metering accuracies. They can be made for single or multi ratio applications.

Generator Style CTs (High Current Applications)

This range of CTs is designed specifically for high current applications inside large generators. They are mounted on output bushings and can have current rating of 5000 to 30000 Amps. These CTs typically have tape insulated outer construction. Special mounting boards are used for floor mountable or wall mountable applications.

Amran also provides CTs with cast resin type construction for generator applications. These CTs are constructed with epoxy or polyurethane resin construction, usually mounted around the Generators bus bars with round or rectangle shape. Mounting arrangement can be provided as per customer requirement. These CTs usually have terminal box on top to suite customer requirement. Both tape wound and cast resin CTs can be provided with shielded winding to reduce the effects of magnetic flux interference from adjacent conductors.