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Medium Voltage Potential Transformers

Amran offers potential transformers for up to 25kV class system voltage. PTs are encapsulated with epoxy or polyurethane resin cast construction. The core and coil assemblies are vacuum molded to ensure homogenous, bubble-free construction. PT construction provides high dielectric and BIL strength.

Medium Voltage Potential Transformers

These PTs are constructed in various configurations – double pole or single pole design. Pts can be supplied with two fuses, one fuse or no fuse. PTs with fuse clips can be provided, if required by the customer. Switchgear style design is also available. Usually these PTs are supplied with the metal mounting bracket.

Amran also offers medium voltage PTs with three phase construction. Three phase PTs designed in a single package are typically used for the application where physical size and location are very important. These PTs can be supplied with or without fuses. Terminal locations are clearly marked for proper connections.

MV PTs are designed to meet IEEE C57.13 or IEC 60044 standards. Partial discharge test is carried out as per Canadian CAN3-C13-M83 or as per IEC 60044. Standard burdens are used to measure accuracies (ratio and phase angle error) on calibrated accuracy test bridges. Hi-pot tests are carried out as per the required standards.