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Miniature Current Transformers

Amran offers a wide range of low voltage miniature current transformers for various applications. Typical application is for current measuring or monitoring in energy meters. They are also used for protection applications in controls, relays, differential relays etc. equipment.

Miniature Current Transformers

These low cost CTs can be used for simple on-off type conditions or instrumentation purpose where accuracy are linearity are not very important. Amran also offers these CTs with very high linearity and accuracy where precise output behavior is a requirement. CTs can be made with 0.1% accuracy and with very high linearity using specially formulated Ni-Fe (Nickle Iron) material. Highly accurate and linear CTs can also be made using high grade of silicon steel material. CTs are supplied with linearity curves or accuracy points at different current levels.

These CTs come with various encapsulation options. Plastic cased PCB mount CTs are very popular for direct mounting on the PC board. The CT coils are usually potted in black nylon or equivalent case. Brass pins are used for mounting on the PCBs. These pins are usually tinned, and can be easily soldered. Amran also offers similar construction but with lead wires instead of pins. Lead wires can be connected with terminals and housings for easier connection during installation.

Amran also offers these CTs with tape insulated construction. Usually polyester tape is wound around the coil. Leads are taken out as per customer requirement. These CTs are most popular in UPS and energy meter applications.