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Oil Insulated CTs & PTs

Amran offers a wide range of oil insulated CTs & PTs. These products are designed for outdoor use. They can be manufactured for up-to 36 kV system voltage.

Besides standalone CT and PT, Amran also manufactures combination units comprising of both. For example, a metering unit, consisting of 3 CTs and 3 VTs (3 phase 4 wire application) with accuracy class up to 0.2 (IEC) and 0.15 class (IEEE/ANSI). For 3 phase 3 wire application, Amran can offer the combination unit of 2 CTs and 1 three phase VT also.

Oil Insulated CTs & PTs

These units are strongly built internally to withstand electrical and mechanical stresses. Units are provided with nitrogen cushioning protection and are duly pressure tested. Hermetically sealed units can be provided depending on customer requirements. Amran also has a range of CTs with Live Tank/Dead Tank design for system voltage of 25 kV and above.

Pole or pad mounted tanks are usually processed with either hot dip galvanizing or outdoor paint on it. Primary terminals can be provided with either stud type arrangement or with attachment of connectors suitable for A.C.S.R .(Aluminum conductor steel reinforced) conductors. Oil level indicator, pressure release device, oil filling and draining plugs are standard features.

Most of these units are custom designed to suite exact application and requirement. These CT and PT units are suitable for all metering, relaying and differential protection applications. They are 100% tested to meet the required IEC or IEEE/ANSI or relevant test standards.