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GE Multilin 845

Comprehensive Protection & Management for Power & Distribution Transformers

The Multilin™ 845 Transformer Protection System is a member of the Multilin 8 Series protective relay platform and has been designed for the protection, control and management of 2- and 3-winding power and distribution transformers in both utility and industrial applications.

GE Multilin 845

The Multilin 845 provides advanced functionality for a wide range of transformer applications delivering high-speed protection, customizable programmable logic, advanced transformer monitoring and diagnostics, and support for the latest communications protocols for easy integration into new or existing power systems. Advanced communications of the 8 Series platform allows easy integration into process and electrical control systems for smoother asset monitoring and control.

The Multilin 845 delivers comprehensive transformer health monitoring, diagnostics, and reporting with integrated connectivity to composite and multiple gas transformer DGA solutions such as, GE’s Kelman Transformer Monitoring devices, delivering actionable analytics for asset optimization and transformer life extension.

Key Benefits
  • Comprehensive transformer protection for small, medium and large transformers
  • Advanced transformer diagnostics and disturbance recording extending asset life
  • Integrated protection and DGA device operation for advanced warning of potential issues before they become critical transformer faults or failures
  • High-end cyber security tools such as AAA, Radius, RBAC, and Syslog helps enable NERC CIP requirements
  • Draw-out design simplifies testing, commissioning and maintenance, thereby increasing process uptime
  • Optional Wi-Fi connectivity minimizes system configuration and facilitates safe relay programming and diagnostic retrieval
  • Monitored environmental conditions helps reduce system downtime
  • High flexibility for customized protection and control logic

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