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Control Modules

The CM series of control modules provide the close/trip operations for ISM LD and Shell breakers. Designed for simplicity of integration into virtually any switchgear application, these advanced control modules continuously monitor the breakers for position and health. The CM series can be controlled by virtually any relay; paired with an arc flash relay and the nearly two cycle break time of the ISM's, a perfect combination for your next safety upgrade. Also available is the CM 16 with undervoltage trip and CT power input.

Each ISM comes complete with an electronic control module (CM_1501_01) which provides trip and close functionality. The full range of control modules work with multiple auxiliary voltages, from 24VDC to 60VDC and 85VAC - 265VAC. The CM_1501_01 utilizes a patented intelligent control principle that reduces closing times and simultaneously increases the mechanical life of the circuit breaker. The lightweight aluminum housing and compact design make them easy to fit into any low voltage switchgear compartment or directly onto retrofit draw-out trucks.

The CM_1501_01 series eliminates the need for close and trip coils. Dry contacts are used instead, feeding into the close and trip inputs of the modules. Multiple contacts can be wired in parallel for extended remote operations.

The control module continuously monitors the health of both the breaker and the control module itself, providing status indication through LED’s mounted on the front and through external signaling relays for remote indication. The close command will be blocked in the event of a failure or loss of communication with either the breaker position switch or the magnetic actuator, only allowing the breaker to be tripped until the fault is rectified. Anti-pumping duty is built into the control logic.

Contact our applications engineering department with your requirements – we will be glad to assist you in choosing the best module to ship with your Tavrida breaker.

Control Modules

ISM Control Module (CM_16_1)


Same features / form factor as CM-1501 plus:

Under-voltage trip option on loss of power
Programmable trip / close speed
Programmable digital outputs
Options for NC or NO activated trip / close (e.g. option for trip on broken wire)
24-60VDC and 85-275VAC/VDC options

Applications include : Mining skids, pad mount designs with trip interlocks, fast transfer and arc flash mitigation