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Custom Enclosures

We can adapt our products to meet the diverse needs of our customers and offer a wide range of facades and specialty enclosures, including “without floor”, two-story, hazardous location, and blast resistant designs.

Custom Enclosures

Our staff is dedicated to working closely with your team to design a system that will meet your needs for years to come.  We can provide custom paint colors, a variety of facades and for corrosive atmospheres aluminum or stainless steel exteriors.

Our team can adjust and adapt our products to meet the changing needs of our customers. To address these special applications we also offer a range of specialty enclosures, including:

  • Without a Floor (WOF) – The cost effective without floor enclosure option is perfect for pumps, motors, retrofits, or any application you choose.   Place the enclosure on a concrete pad and anchor the unit into place for a simple, cost effective solution.
  • Hazardous Location – Protecting equipment in hazardous locations requires specialconsiderations. The National Electric Code (NEC) defines a hazardous location as an environment in which flammable gasses, liquids or dusts may be present. Our engineers are skilled at providing enclosure options for Class I and Class II locations.
  • Blast Resistant – The ultimate goal of a blast resistant enclosure is to protect your critical resources. With that objective in mind, our talented team will designand engineer an enclosure to meet your requirements. Our blast resistant enclosure is available with the same broad range of options.
  • Two-Story Units – We are proud to offer two-story enclosures.  Should your site have space issues, these limitations can be addressed by simply going vertical.  Adding a second story does not restrict the design options available.