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Meter Testing

Meter Testing - METES

Meter Testing

Meter testing

General Overview

Meter Testing – METES

Although testing electricity meters on site saves a great deal of time, it places tough demands on measuring equipment. The METES test systems manufactured by KoCoS fulfil the requirements summarized below:

  • Small and light for easy transport to the desired location
  • Simple, safe connections
  • Easy to operate, featuring a clearly structured display of measurement results
  • Storage of parameters and measurement results for subsequent further processing.

The meter test systems of the METES range have several different types of current and voltage inputs. Direct current inputs to 120 A are provided for current measurement as well as measurement inputs for error-compensated current clamps with automatic amplitude and phase error compensation (KoCoS Smart Probe technology). The measuring range has a wide span as a result.

The test systems of the METES range provide high-precision measurement and display of all the variables of a three-phase system, including

  • Voltages and currents
  • Angles between currents and voltages
  • Active power, reactive power and apparent power per phase and in total
  • Power factor
  • Frequency


The test systems are equipped with probe inputs allowing the connection of scanning heads operated with different supply voltages. These inputs can also work with a variety of input levels (5 VDC to 24 VDC). As a result, a very wide range of different scanning heads can be used with the test systems of the METES range.

Freely definable power-proportional impulse outputs make METES compatible with a wide range of measuring systems. The meter constant, energy type and impulse length allow flexible handling.

The functional design and practical structure of METES test systems make them easy to operate. Function keys and a jog dial are provided for operation and control. The control elements are located on the front panel together with an LCD screen. Great emphasis has been placed on the ergonomics of the display menus, enabling the device to be operated simply and intuitively.

In addition, a PC or laptop computer can be connected directly to METES 340 REF and METES 320. As a result, these devices can also be operated and controlled using powerful software. All test functions are executed via the graphical Windows® user interface. Learning to use the programme is easy and takes very little time.