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NUR and NPR Unbalanced Protection

Unbalance Protection Current Relay
The single phase protective relay NUR-36 and NDR series are a sensitive over-current relay. It features two stages of over-current protection, with their own parameters and output relays. The NUR-36 and NDR series are designed for unbalanced current protection of double-star (Y-Y) connected capacitor banks in high voltage applications. It has solid state construction and is suitable for panel installation (DIN 43700). The relay has filters for harmonic currents and operates at fundamental frequency only. Protection is tested according to IEC 255-5c, 255-22-2 class III, 801-4 class III and the product fullfils the CE requirements. Information about measurement and relay functions is given by digital display and LED's.

NUR and NPR Unbalanced Protection
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