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Water Cooling Capacitors

Special Capacitors
The WC1000 water cooled capacitors are designed for very high levels of safety, reliability and life expectancy. Capacitors are provided with high thermal conductivity copper tubes, through which cooling water is circulated. The effective dissipation of heat by this method is extremely important to achieve desired performance and life expectancy levels. The WC1000 water-cooled capacitors are generally enclosed in aluminum cases so as to avoid heating due to magnetic fields. Thus the capacitors run much cooler compared to those of conventional design. Their expected life is also longer. In the dead case construction the current returns through water-cooling terminals instead of through the capacitor case. This leads to longer capacitor life since less heat is generated in the case and absorbed by dielectric fluid. This construction permits, capacitor mounting directly to the chassis without insulators, permitting savings in installation expenses. Thermal, electrical and over pressure protection can be provided on specific request.

Air cooled capacitors for Induction Heating & Melting Applications

Single phase air cooled capacitors, 50 & 180 Hz, through 460 kVAR

Water cooled capacitors for Induction Heating & Melting Applications

Water cooled capacitors, 50 Hz - 50 kHz, 100 - 3,300 V through 8,400 kVAR

Water Cooling Capacitors