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Arc-Resistant Switchgear

Introducing the latest innovation in our product portfolio, Utility Grade Arc-Resistant Switchgear. With its industry leading low-profile design, it works in existing switchgear rooms and with standard height outdoor systems.

Arc-Resistant Switchgear


Our robust utility grade metal-clad switchgear has been the standard of excellence in the industry for decades.  Our arc-resistant (AR) design is no exception.  The engineering team was challenged to provide an arc-resistant design that would offer a safer environment for workers, and minimize damage from the unlikely event of an arcing fault.  The result, a proven Type 2C compliant arc-resistant metal-clad switchgear design that reflects the same design synergy and engineering excellence that shaped our reliable product offerings through the years.

Our arc-resistant switchgear is available in a wide range of ANSI ratings.

  • Voltages: 5kV and 15kV
  • Continuous Currents: 1200A, 2000A, 3000A
  • Interrupting Rating: 25kA, 31.5kA, 40kA

Our arc-resistant metal-clad switchgear design underwent thorough testing to demonstrate successful compliance with the ANSI accredited IEEE C37.20.7 for Type 2C arc-resistant switchgear.  Type 2C testing specifies that arcing does not cause holes in the freely accessible front, sides, and rear of the enclosure or in the walls separating the compartment in which the arc is initiated from all adjacent compartments.  The design was created to support both United States and Canadian customer requirements.

  • Maximum personnel protection
  • Four patent-pending design components focused on improving protection and ease of use
  • Switchgear survival with minimum damage inside and outside
  • Assembly protection – saving breaker in front with arc incident in rear
  • Equipment survival in adjacent structures
  • Single damaged structure removal – not the entire lineup
  • Less equipment downtime after an arc incident
  • Space efficient
  • Low profile plenum – fits in standard outdoor enclosure (10 foot ceiling height)
  • No complicated assembly of plenum on site
  • No additional shipping concerns – most designs fall within normal outdoor switchgear shipping limits – no need for extra permitting, flagging, special routing or escorts
  • For indoor designs, arc-resistant switchgear fits into a standard height electrical room – no excessive height requirements, the result of a  plenum design less than 20 inches high