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5KV to 38KV

Premier manufacturer of custom designed medium voltage metal-enclosed and metal-clad switchgear for indoor or outdoor applications with voltages ranging from 5kV to 38kV.

5KV to 38KV

Our family of switchgear offering includes the following designs:

  • Metal-clad Switchgear
    • 5kV to 38kV designs
    • 5kV Narrow design
    • Vacuum circuit breakers
    • Metal-enclosed Interrupter Switchgear
    • Dual Rated Switchgear
    • Automatic Transfer Switchgear
Switchgear Features and Benefits
  • All welded construction – continuous seam welded base, walls and roof for strength and durability.
  • Use of heavy gauge steel – designed for long life
  • All designs meet seismic and wind load requirements for each unique destination by zip code
  • Designed for future expansion – removable end walls standard
  • Double-walled construction between switchgear compartments
  • Shipping configurations to meet customer need – one piece complete or minimum shipping splits
  • Completely wired and tested at the factory prior to shipment
  • Externally removable air filter boxes with back-to-back louvers
  • Fluidized bed epoxy bus insulation for superior dielectric and thermal characteristics.
    • Fluidized bed epoxy coated for complete, consistent coverage
    • Completely automated epoxy coating system
    • 100 percent QC check – each bar Hi-Pot tested
  • Fully undercoated base assembly protects against corrosion and ensures long life
  • Two-coat electrostatic paint system
  • Protective Relay and Control Panels
  • HVAC
  • Thermal Insulation
  • UPS, batteries, battery chargers
  • SCADA, RTU, communication systems
  • Marshalling cabinets
  • Isolated battery rooms/spill containment
  • Fire and intrusion alarm and protection systems
  • Fire rated doors and walls
  • Pressurization system
  • Space for customer-supplied equipment or storage
  • Eyewash and first aid stations
  • Restrooms
  • Roof entrance bushing assemblies
  • Accessory tool rack
Arc Mitigation Features
  • Isolation of switchgear for personnel protection
  • Remote racking of circuit breakers
  • Remote racking of PT drawers
  • Remote racking of CPT fuse drawers
  • Remote mounting/isolation of relays and controls
  • Installation of arc mitigating relays and light and current sensors
  • Use of quick trip (3 cycle) circuit breakers