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Portable Substation

Allowing for rapid system recovery, we provide transportable substation solutions, including skid and trailer mounted designs. The portable substation can provide a solution during major outages due to faulted switchgear.

Portable Substation

One benefit of working so closely with customers on solutions over the years is that we learn about new issues that have yet to be addressed. With aging electrical infrastructure, utilities and industrials have to support equipment at the end of useful life and to deal with consequences of failed equipment. Many utilities noted their concerns about difficulties in recovering substations after faults, accidents and natural disasters.

Having a portable, mobile substation allows for quicker system recovery (Rapid Recovery), while maintaining safety. Utilities are simply storing the portable substation in a central, convenient location for easy transport to the needed area. Very rarely does a fault affect both the transformer and distribution switchgear, so Chess Electric also offers a portable design with just replacement switchgear, which is smaller, lighter and easier to maneuver through city streets. Complete portable substations are available as well.

Portable substations can also be incorporated into existing substations where newer transformers and other equipment still have useful life, even as the original switchgear is no longer dependable. The portable substation can take the place of the aged switchgear and support the rest of the substation for a period of time. When a complete new substation is procured, the portable equipment can be moved to another location.

Portable substations can also be installed in new-growth areas – when power consumption increases, a permanent substation can be built, and the portable substation can be moved to another newly developing area.

Portable Substations can be designed as:

  • Skid Mounted
  • Trailer Mounted (on wheels)
  • With or without transformers

Skid mounted portable substations can be designed as tamper resistant, to be used in areas that may have public access.