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Multilin F60

The F60, a member of the UR Family of protection relays, provides high performance feeder protection, control, monitoring and metering in an integrated, economical, and compact package. The F60 includes GE Multilin’s unique high-impedance fault detection for fast and reliable detection of downed conductors.

Multilin F60

Key Benefits

  • The most flexible protection and control device for distribution feeder applications
  • Advanced IEC61850 Ed. 2 certified implementation, complete settings via SCL files and IEC 61850-9-2 process bus solution enable resource and platform managing optimization and reduce cost of ownership
  • Routable GOOSE (R-GOOSE) enables GOOSE messages going beyond the substation, which enables wide area protection and control applications
  • Unique and secure downed conductor detection
  • Flexible load encroachment allows secure operation during heavy load conditions
  • Advanced automation capabilities
  • Application flexibility with multiple I/O options including high density I/O, programmable logic, modularity, and specific customization
  • Robust network security enabling critical intrastructure protection
  • High-speed inter-relay communications reducing relay-to-relay wiring and costs
  • Phasor Measurement Unit (synchrophasor) according to IEEE® C37.118 (2011) and IEC® 61850-90-5 support
  • An integrated large, full color display, provides real-time visualization and control of the protected bay, via a bay mimic as well as annunciator functionality and graphical visualization of phasors


  • Primary protection and control for feeders on solidly, impedance, or resonant (Petersen coil) ground systems
  • Busblocking/interlocking schemes
  • Distribution load shedding schemes based on voltage and frequency elements
  • High-speed fault detection for arc flash mitigation
  • Throwover schemes (bus transfer scheme applications)
  • Backup protection for transmission lines, feeders, and transformers
  • Distributed generation (DG) interconnect protection

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